Sense Creative Agency occupies the spacious top-floor of a converted warehouse in the inner Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy. The space enjoys a wealth of natural light in the day time courtesy of broad windows gracing the length of the west and north walls of the building. Prior to this upgrade the only electrical lighting installed was a system of linear fluorescent lamps affixed to the top side of the rafters to light the ceiling. While this was providing good aesthetic and navigational illumination, a direct lighting system above each workstation was needed to unlock the individual, time-flexible work practices required of a modern office environment.

To achieve an average of 320lx at each station, we suspended lengths of Solstice5575 Linear LED Mounting Profile to 1m above the desk. The light source is a double row of Axxonic 8mm Flexible LED Strip Medium density (120LED/800 lumens/m).

Dimming is achieved via Tridonic One4All DALI dimmable 150W LED drivers operating on SwitchDim push button function.

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